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The Net Return


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Video Introduction to The Net Return:


The Net Return practice net is the strongest on the market. The netting has a 250,000 shot guarantee, so you know that it is going to hold up. To put that into perspective, they guarantee that you should be able to hit 100 shots a day, every day, for 6.8 years (read more about the guarantee Can withstand golf ball speeds of up to 225 m.p.h! The entire product itself has a full one year warranty. As you can see, although this net is more expensive, you are definitely getting what you pay for and you won’t need to worry about your net breaking down. The Net Return Pro Series is so durable that it is used by Major League Baseball, National Football League, PGA Tour, U.S. Military and Professional and Amateur athletes. The Net Return products are made in the USA.


For being such a large and durable golf net, The Net Return will surprise you with how easy it is to both setup and take down. It is constructed using a push button “Quick Color Connect System”, which allows one person to setup the net on their own in under 5 minutes. Check out the video below to watch it be assembled with a timer running (he does it in under 4).

Similarly, this golf net is also easy to take-down. One person can have it disassembled and packed away into the carrying bag in under 5 minutes as well. Again, watch the video below to see it being disassembled (he does it in just over 3 minutes).


Although it has an overall weight heavier than nets such as the Rukknet, the ease of setup and take-down still makes this a very portable net. It comes with a carrying case that everything easily fits into, and at a weight of only 28 lb (12.7 kg) you can easily carry it to wherever you need.
Ball Return:

Along with the extreme durability and strength of the net, The Net Return’s ball return capabilities it where this net really shines. The net will automatically return each ball you shoot into it, saving you from the annoying and tedious task of having to go recover your balls. This also saves you from having to have a bucket of balls to practice, all you need is one ball since it will return to you each time! The ball return obviously won’t be effective if you are using outside on long grass, as the ball may get slowed down by the grass, however with short grass it should not be a problem. For the best results outdoors, we recommend that you use a golf mat.


Dimensions: 7′ 6″ (229 cm) tall, 8′ (244 cm) wide and 3′ 6″ (107 cm) deep.

The sizing of The Net Return practice net is perfect for giving you a great size to hit into, while at the same time not taking up much space. The innovative space-saving shape allows you to easily set it up wherever you want–in a backyard, garage, basement, deck, etc. While for most people it likely will not be necessary, there is the option to separately purchase side netting if you want extra protection to catch any wild shots that go to the sides (could be useful for kids or beginners who do not yet have any control).


The Net Return is the most versatile golf net on the market. Its size and durability allows you to use it indoors or outdoors, and with the utmost confidence that the netting is not going to fail you (they would not offer a 250,000 shot guarantee if there is a risk of it failing!). This is not just a golf net. This net can effectively be used for numerous sports such as Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Football and Lacrosse–making it a perfect and economical fit for multi-sport families!


The Net Return is without question the best golf (and sports) net available. Yes, it comes with a higher price tag but it is worth every penny. You can buy this net and know with confidence that it is going to last no matter what you hit (or throw) it with. Knowing the netting comes with a 250,000 shot warranty and everything else comes with a full year warranty, you know you’ll be set for years to come (which will not be the case with cheaper nets). Along with the incredibly durable, long lasting product you also get the benefit of the incredible automated ball return. When you are practicing, you want to practice; not spend time collecting balls–and that is something you will not need to do with this golf net. The ability to use this for numerous other sports and excellent customer service only further to its value. With everything you get with this net, the cost is more than justified.

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