Rukk Net Golf Net Review – Everything You Need To Know

The Rukk Net Golf Net

Rukk Net Golf Net

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Video Introduction to The Net Return:


The Rukk Net is extremely durable. It is the only portable golf net that uses a dual net system–it has a second outside net for additional safety if a ball should some how the inside net fail. Most cheaper golf nets use mush netting, while the Rukk Net uses a 4-ply knot-less ball returning net. This knot-less netting allows the force from each impact to disperse efficiently throughout the net, so that there is less stress being put on the net and it will therefore prevent ripping. All seams are double-stitched and interlocked for superior durability and strength. To go along with the high quality netting, this reliable golf net is also consists of a durable spring steel frame. Simply put, this net is built with heavy-duty and high quality materials that will make it last and endure everything you hit into it.


While other golf nets may advertise themselves as a ‘pop-up’ net, the RukkNet IS TRULY a pop-up golf net. Take it out of the carrying bag, and it will literally pop-up and one person can easily have it setup and ready to use in under 30 seconds. The great thing about this net is that it has also been engineered to be taken down very quickly and easily. After doing it for the first time and walking through the process of how to do it, every other time will be a complete breeze. If you haven’t already, check out the video above to see just how easy and quick setting up and taking down this net is.


The pop-up construction of this net makes it extremely portable. It comes in a thick, double-zippered canvas carrying bag that is capable of also carrying a hitting mat, golf balls, attachments along with multiple clubs. The bag has a thick comfortable shoulder strap allowing you to easily carry it wherever you need to, which is especially easy to do at its weight of only 14 pounds. The carrying bag with the net in it, is flat and 32 inches in diameter.

Ball Return:

Another cool feature of this net is that the design is built to return the ball to you. This saves you from needing buckets of balls every time you want to practice. After you hit a ball into the net, it is designed to roll back to you saving from having to manually retrieve it. The ball return isn’t perfect as there may be times when the ball gets caught in the netting (usually on high-loft shots), or may roll to a location where it you need to walk to it. However with it working the majority of the time, its still far better than manual retrieval! The location of where your net is setup also plays into how well the ball return works. If you are outside in long grass than it obviously doesn’t roll back to you as easily as it would indoors or on short grass where a ball can roll easily. If ball return is really important to you, then you’ll want to check out the NetReturn, which has flawless ball return, although it will obviously cost you more.


Dimensions: 10ft (305 cm) Wide x 7ft (213 cm) tall x 5ft (152 cm) deep

Overall the size of the Rukk Net is great. At 10 feet wide and 7 feet tall, it overs a great-sized catching zone that is suitable for hitting almost any club in your bag. With high-loft clubs you may need to move closer to the net to ensure you don’t go over it, but that is the case for almost any golf net. This net is the perfect balance of size for hitting into and for location placement.


The RukkNet is a very versatile product. It works great both outdoors and indoors, so that you can make use of it year round in any climate! This net can also be used for multiple sports. The size, shape and durability allows you to also use this net for practicing baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer and football.


The Rukk Net golf practice net is completely worth it’s cost. As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for, and in this case spending a bit of extra money will get you a net you can be confident will last and meet your needs. The super quick and easy pop-up setup alone is worth the extra money–you want to maximize any practice time you have, and not spend it wrestling to get a net setup! While the ball return isn’t perfect, it is still functional and will save annoying manual retrieval. We think this net is second only to the Net Return, which is obviously at a much higher price-point. With many similar qualities to the Net Return, and very positive customer feedback, the RukkNet is an excellent choice and is worth the extra cost of any cheaper nets which tend to break down quicker.

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