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Callaway Golf Net

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The Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net is more durable than the majority of golf practice nets on the market, however there are still a number of people who have purchased this net that have complained about the lack of overall durability. The most common complaint is that the netting is just not strong enough to endure high powered shots. If you want a net that you can practice your ‘big’ clubs with, this might net may not be the best choice and you might want to considering spending a bit more and get the more reliable Rukknet. For the average golfer who doesn’t plan on using their driver or other high-powered clubs, than the netting will likely be durable enough for you. Amazon customers have reported that they were able to get their net replaced within warranty (1 year with original receipt), but most people won’t want to risk having problems and having to deal with getting it replaced.


While it can be done solo, most people find it easiest to have two people to setup this practice net. After putting it up for the first time and seeing how it all goes together will make it easier and quicker to put together or take down in the future. Here is a video showing the processing of setting it up.


Once you have done it a few times, the Callaway Golf net is relatively quick and easy to setup and take down. It comes with a nylon carrying bag which allows you to compactly store the net, and easily carry it anywhere you need to.

Ball Return:

This ball does not have any automated ball return capabilities, and so you will want to have a lot of practice balls handy so that you can hit a number of balls before needing to go and collect them. If you want the convenience of having the ball automatically returned to you, check out the Net Return or the Rukknet practice nets.


  •    7ft (213 cm) Wide x 6ft (183 cm) Tall x 5ft (152 cm) Deep
  •    8ft (244 cm) Wide x 7ft (213 cm) Tall x 5ft (152 cm) Deep
  • 10ft (305 cm) Wide x 9ft (274 cm) Tall x 5ft (152 cm) Deep

Conveniently the Callaway Tri-Ball practice golf net is available in three different sizes. This allows you to select the size that best fits your needs, for how and where you will be using it. All sizes are very reasonable, and should provide a great fit for your individual needs.


The Callaway Golf Net can be used both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to use it year-round. With some reports of the netting not being quite strong enough (as mentioned above), be sure to use caution if using within a house in case the netting does fail.


The Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net is a mid-range product, and it’s overall quality is slightly above average which can be expected with it’s price point. This net would be best suited for beginners, children, or lower impact shots by experienced golfers. Experienced golfers who are hitting into it more often and with harder impacts may find that the netting starts to break down. If you have a smaller budget, than this net is a good option compared to others at the same price. We would just recommend that you keep your original receipt in case you need to make use of the warranty should anything go wrong.

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