Reviews of the Best Golf Nets – What you need to know to pick the best one!

The use of a golf practice net can be an incredibly helpful aid in improving the game of a golfer of any skill level. There are a number of different reasons why it such a useful practice aid, and why you might want to consider getting one. Outlined below are the benefits of using a golf net, tips to help you choose the best golf net for your needs, along with reviews of the top golf nets available.

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Three Benefits of a Golf Net

1) Convenience

Having a golf net allows you to practice whenever is convenient for you. Maximum the free time you have and spend it actually working on your golf game, not driving to the range, waiting in lines, buying balls, etc. Another big advantage of having a golf net is being able to practice by yourself and in peace. No need to deal with crowds, obnoxious people, or the feeling that everyone is watching you work on a new technique. With your own golf net, you can focus just on practicing your golf game and setting yourself up for better results.

2) All Season/Weather

Most of the good golf nets on the market are built so that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. For those that have to deal with inclement weather in the winter, having a golf net allows you to work on your golf game year-round. Have some time to practice, but it’s raining out? You can practice indoors and stay dry! This can really help improve your game and lower your score, as you can constantly be practicing and maintaining your game instead of being forced to take step away from your game for months at a time.

3) Cost Savings

Trips to the range are never cheap. Aside from the cost of getting there, you have to fork out a fair amount just to get a bucket of balls. And then what happens once that bucket of balls is empty? You either have to pack it in, or fork out some more money just to keep practicing! Yes, golf nets have an upfront cost but it doesn’t take long for the price of going to the range to add up to the cost of a net. In no time, it will be saving you money while providing you the convenience of practicing as much as you want, whenever you want.

Things to Consider When Buying a Golf Net

1) Size

Chances are if you are considering getting a golf net that you already have a place in mind as to where you would set it up and use it. Whether it be a backyard, garage, or basement, you want to ensure that the size of your net will fit the space you want it to. Our suggestion is to measure out the space you plan to put it (both the width, height and depth) so that as you are researching your net you will know which ones you can easily cross off your list if it simply isn’t going to fit. Ideally you will get the largest net possibly to fit the desired space, but be sure to account for the space you will actually need to stand in front of the net and comfortably swing a club without obstruction.

2) Net Material Strength

The strength of the netting material used is an incredibly important factor to consider. Often with the cheap golf nets available, the netting simply isn’t strong enough and you will find that when using a high power club such as a driver that the ball might go flying through it. Although getting a cheaper net might save you some money, keep in mind that you might be risking the pricey expense of having to fix a neighbor’s broken window if the netting fails! Some golf nets, such as the Rukknet will have to layers of netting, to ensure that if by chance the first net fails, the second will stop it. Also keep in mind that if the netting is stretched too tight, it won’t be able to move to absorb the impact of the ball hitting it and therefore will be more likely to rip when a ball hits it.

Be aware that most of the time the descriptions of a golf net will simply claim it is made of strong material, even when it isn’t. The best way to know how good it actually is, is by looking at reviews written by people who actually have experience using the net. Our reviews that we provide below include information regarding the net strength and incorporates the feedback of real customers who have purchased the net. As you will see, the highest strength nets we recommend are the Rukknet and the versatile The Net Return because of both their setup and extremely high customer satisfaction.

3) Ease of Setup

No one wants to have to spend their time struggling to get their net setup for use, and the harder it is to put up or take down will likely just result in you using it less to avoid the hassle. If you plan on only having your net setup when using it, then this obviously a very important consideration. A super easy and quick net to setup like the popup Rukknet, is a great choice for those who plan on moving their net regularly or want the simple portability of taking it and using it wherever they want.


Product Rating Price
The Net Return
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The Net Return Golf Net 5/5 $$$
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Rukknet Golf Net 4.5/5 $$
Callaway Tri-Ball
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Callaway Golf Practice Net 3.5/5 $